The Website

Those of you who know me, know that besides being a playwright I am a preschool teacher. I am continually amazed at the lessons I learn from the threes, fours, and five year olds that teach me. One of the biggest things is how they inspire me to be open. By open, I mean, they show up with their curiosity in hand. I admire how it allows them to embrace play. How they are less interested in a product and really way more invested, and I mean invested, in the journey.

So often in the art world, in my playwriting world, I must remind myself of this simple truth. Products are something that are an artifact of the craft. This artifact is something that is mistaken for the craft. But really is something that was left behind as the creator continued on. The commitment to the continual process of the craft is to embrace the joy of play. It is about the journey, the process of doing.

Which brings me to this very website. I have been writing plays in Chicago for six years. When I first got here I made a website. Put pictures in, all of that stuff. Wrote a blog post about arriving in Chicago. But it wasn't perfect. So I made a different one the following year, still it lacked that perfection that was going to show the world my brilliance. There was no important artifact. The next year, I thought about it but didn't even attempt. Soon I didn't even think about it anymore. My perfection convinced me to give up a tool that is necessary in my profession because it said the website lacked whatever grand idea it needed to make me brilliant. So, I stopped even trying to articulate my idea of what Dana's website would be. The result... no journey... no attempt... nothing to tweak... nothing to... well, play with... until today.

This website does not have to be perfect. It is a process. I'm going to play. 

Please enjoy tooling around on the site.