If You Split a Second

Mick Johnson is a man who has everything but doesn’t know how to keep it: a new job promotion, promise of a home, a loving wife and two young kids. In one second he was given a choice—to give into his rage and risk it all or walk away. As Mick sits in prison with nothing but time, he recounts his decisions and watches the life of family unfold through another man’s eyes.  This contemporary drama explores crime and punishment, choices and consequences and the gift/curse of family.

Workshops and Readings:                             

  • Alliance Theatre of Atlanta, February, 2011
  • Chicago Dramatists Saturday Series, June, 2010
  • Pegasus Theatre, March, 2012


  • Pegasus Theatre, May, 2013                


“Formby succeeds at making the point that doing bad things without thinking about others has cascading consequences...”
—Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

“Formby asks some smart questions about the choices one makes and how those choices impact those you love. With a flair for natural, character building dialogue, Formby is a master at creating real, and really flawed characters."
— Bob Bullen, Chicago Theatre Addict 

“the raw emotion and compelling characters make the show highly watchable."
—Rory Lehy, Centerstage

The emotional heart of Formby’s play is Mick’s relationship to his wife Jane, and in their scenes together, Formby (who aptly describes herself as a “blue-collar playwright”) succeeds admirably in capturing something effortlessly plainspoken and honest about their love. 
—Anthony J. Mangini, Chicago Critic