There's an Ocean in Nebraska

In the topsy-turvy world of There's an Ocean in Nebraska, adventures are quickly threatening chaos. 9-year-old Queenie is on the run after stealing her new best friend Gus, the talking blowfish, from a pet store. Struggling actor Peter is desperate to perform while his mother haunts him with guilt. Samantha is trying to pull together her family spinning out of control.  At the center of it all is Grace, a woman trying to find her way back home.  By turns hallucinatory, hilarious, and deeply moving, this exciting new work by Chicago playwright Dana Lynn Formby takes us on an unexpected journey to the possibility of healing.

Workshops and Readings:                

  • Chicago Dramatists, Saturday Series, March, 2016
  • Triton Community College, Emerging Voices Project, March, 2015
  • Chicago Dramatists, Table Read, June, 2014        
  • Chicago Dramatists, Saturday Series, March, 2014