Until Death

Devon Thompson is head-over-heels in love and, inspired by her feminist upbringing, breaks tradition and proposes to her boyfriend, Josiah Boor. There’s only one problem: Josiah’s family is Mormon, and his mother has a very different opinion on traditional gender roles and what it means to be family. As their hilarious battles play out in epic fantasy, the two come to realize that the deep roots of familial love are far more important than the cultural and social differences that keep them apart.

Workshops and Readings:                

  • Chicago Dramatists, 28 hour Workshop, December, 2014

  • Chicago Dramatists, Saturday Series, August 2012

  • American Demigods, August 2013


Concordia University in association with Chicago Dramatists, February, 2015


“‘ I always enjoy a show that can make you laugh out loud one minute, then abruptly become poignant and touching moments later.”

—Doug Deuchler, Oak Park.com